NetBurner 3.3.4
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TCP Socket Status


#define TCP_ERR_NORMAL   (0)
 No errors.
#define TCP_ERR_TIMEOUT   (-1)
 Socket timed out.
#define TCP_ERR_NOCON   (-2)
 No connection exists.
#define TCP_ERR_CLOSING   (-3)
 Socket is in the process of closing.
#define TCP_ERR_NOSUCH_SOCKET   (-4)
 No such socket exists.
#define TCP_ERR_NONE_AVAIL   (-5)
 No new sockets are available.
#define TCP_ERR_CON_RESET   (-6)
 Connection has been reset.
#define TCP_ERR_CON_ABORT   (-7)
 Connection has been aborted.

Detailed Description

The current status of a TCP socket. When calling API functions that return a file descriptor, such as listen(), accept(), connect(), etc., a negative value represents an error, while a value greater than 0 represents the file descriptor number.