NetBurner 3.3.4
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I/O Control Options


#define IOCTL_TX_CHANGE_CRLF   (1)
 When set, transmitted char \n gets converted to \r\n
#define IOCTL_RX_CHANGE_CRLF   (2)
 When set, received \r\n get turned into \n
 When set, process backspace and do simple line editing.
#define IOCTL_RX_ECHO   (8)
 When set, echo chars received to tx.
#define IOCTL_TX_NO_BLOCK   (32)
 When set, stdout and stderr will drop output instead of blocking.
#define IOCTL_ALL_OPTIONS   (15)
 When set, turns on all options.

Detailed Description

The legal options for use with ioctl() and in conjunction with I/O Control Command Flags