NetBurner 3.5.0
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UDP Send/Receive

This example program will receive a UDP packet from another device or host computer, and then send a response. UDP is handles using the UDP C++ Class.

Note there is also an API for handling UDP using a socket interface.

To run the example, connect a serial port from your PC to the debug serial port on your NetBurner device and run a terminal program such as MTTTY.

On the PC, run the NetBurner UDP Terminal (be sure to set the IP address and port numbers to match) or some other UDP program of your choice. You will then be able to type characters in the UDP Terminal and see them in MTTTY, and vice versa.

You will be prompted for the port number to send/receive data and the destination IP address of the other device or host. Note that the application uses the same port number to send and receive data, but you can use any other port number you wish.

The application will create a thread to receive packets and display them on the debug port, while the main task will take any data you type in to the MTTTY terminal and send it as a UDP packet to the destination IP address.