NetBurner 3.5.0
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The Syslog utility enables you to send logging information to a destination host computer using UDP (port number 514). This example uses syslog to send a simple counting variable to a host computer.

To run the example:

  1. Verify you have proper network communication with you NetBurner device. It must have an IP address and mask.
  2. Modify the source code line: SysLogAddress = AsciiToIp(""); so that it specifies the address of your computer. If this line is commented out and no SysLogAddress is specified, then the syslog data will be sent as a UDP broadcast.
  3. Run the NetBurner "UDP Terminal Tool" application. Make sure the local listening port field is set to 514, the default syslog port.
  4. Download and run the application on your NetBurner device.