NetBurner 3.3.9
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Platform Specific

With the exception of the Platform Specific examples, all examples in the \nburn\examples directory can be run on any of the NetBurner 3.x platforms: MODM7AE70, MOD5441x, NANO54415 and SB800EX. The Platform Specific examples in this section have specific hardware requirements.

The example categories are:

  • Examples designed for only one platform: MODM7AE70, MOD5441x, NANO54415 or SB800EX
  • Multi-Platform: Some examples for platforms that use the same microprocessor take advantage of that fact and share the same application source code. In these instances the section will be labeled with the supported platforms, such as the section labeled: "MOD5441x, NANO54415, SB800EX".

Platform specific examples