NetBurner 3.3.9
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NB Approve Shutdown

The NBApproveShutdown callback function can be used by an application to put the system in a safe state before an application update, configuration update, or reboot event occurs. For example, closing active TCP sockets, ensuring Flash and/or file system write operations are complete, and putting critical peripherals in a safe state. The NBApproveShutdown() function as a weak reference to a system function that always returns true by default. If an application creates it's own function using the same signature, that function will be used instead.

A reason for the reboot request is passed to the function. The system will automatically call NBapproveShutdown() for the following reasons:

#define SHUTDOWN_CODEUPDATE (1) // A code update is requested
#define SHUTDOWN_CONFIGURE_REBOOT (2) // Configuration values have been modified with a requested reboot

An application can choose to ignore the parameters or add it's own. For custom reasons, the application should call NBApproveShutdown() with the appropriate reason:

// Custom reboot reason. System reasons start at 1, so pick something much larger
void ForceReboot(bool bFromException=false)
Forces the system hardware to perform a soft reset.
void OSTimeDly(uint32_t to_count)
Delay the task until the specified value of the system timer ticks. The number of system ticks per se...
Definition: nbrtos.h:1468
bool NBApproveShutdown(int reason)
Approve action that will result in a reboot.
Definition: shutdown_weak.cpp:6

This example provides a serial port menu with options enable or disable a reboot for application or settings updates. For testing purposes you can select reboot from the serial menu, or attempt an application code update.