NetBurner 3.3.9
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FTP can be run with or without a file system. The examples in this section do not use a file system. These are useful for applications such as:

  • Simple download of data as a file by a FTP client, such as measurement readings.
  • Updating an application image.
  • Viewing web or interface data in a file format.

Since there is no file system, these examples use callback functions to handle the various FTP transactions, such as reading, writing and listing a file. If you do not wish to use the callback scheme, please refer to the file system examples described below.

Examples of FTP using a file system take advantage of the Embedded Flash File System (EFFS). There examples are located in the "\nburn\examples\EFFS" folder. There are two types of file systems:

  • EFFS FAT (File Allocation Table), which is a FAT32 file system used by external flash cards.
  • EFFS STD (Standard File System), which is a custom file system that runs in the onboard flash memory of the NetBurner device.

FTP in this section: