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Exception Try/Catch

This example program illustrates how to use C++ exceptions. It will throw an exception and verify it can be caught. The output is displayed to stdout, which can be viewed with MTTTY on the debug serial port.

COMPILATION INSTRUCTIONS To keep the application size small for users who do not need C++ exceptions, this feature is disabled by default. To enable exceptions you need to add the "-fexceptions" and flag to the C++ build options. In addition, "-frtti" also needs to be added. If these options are not enabled, the compiler output console window will notify you.

In this example, exceptions have already been enabled. To enable in your own application:

  • Right-click on your project and select Properties
  • Select "GNU C++ Compiler"
  • Select "Miscellaneous"
  • In the Other Flags field, add "-fexceptions -frtti"